Omar Angel Perez was born in Houston, Texas in 1963.  He discovered at an early age his passion for building and creating; taking cues from his mother, a painter and seamstress, and his father who hand made most of his childhood toys.  He studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design at the University of Houston and obtained his B.F.A. in 1985.  His artistry as a woodworker is mostly self-taught and is a culmination of years of fine craft furniture building.  His background also led him into the world of television animation and design where in 2004 he won an Emmy Award for excellence in broadcast graphics.


     As a native Houstonian, he has seen the quality of fine craft and arts in this city grow exponentially and he is proud to be a part of its dynamic and diverse artist community.  In his body of work he embraces that mixed palette of cultures, fashions, and even foods which then influences his creative path.  Reflective in his pieces are juxtapositions of various woods, colors and materials, all from around the world, yet commingling in a playful, sexy drama.  These theatrics are your invitation to engage an touch;  he believes, after all, that art furniture should be used.  His pieces are first functional, then secondly, emotional.


     Since 1998 his works have been collected and exhibited in many venues including American Craft Council shows in Bellevue, WA and Atlanta, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and various group exhibitions.  In 2008 he built a substantial frame for Mequitta Ahuja and her painting displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  The Adelle Looscan Library is another Houston venue where his work is installed.  He has been appointed to the Board of Directors at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, here his work, an office desk is permanently displayed in the Executive Director’s department.  He is most proud of the one of a kind pieces built for private  collectors and designers.  Here personal relationships are kindled and creativity is a collaboration of vision and inspiration.


     Most recently his Stilett”O” series of sky-high heel sculptures has enjoyed much interest.  His playful pieces explore the sadistic world of any fashionista’s shoe fetish.  In his words, “As an expression of appreciation, I offer my gratitude to all women who endure the torture of wearing such heels.  Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.”  A pair of his shoe sculptures is now on display at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton,MA.  The befitting exhibit is called, “The Perfect Fit:  Shoes Tell Stories,” and will travel to multiple U.S. venues until 2013.

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